Ingredients: What's In Authentic Spanish Chorizo

Most Spanish chorizos feature three common ingredients: pork, smoked paprika and garlic. Our pork is fed a 100% vegetarian diet that is never administered antibiotics.

Three Sisters Meats Chorizo uses pork and just nine simple ingredients:

  1. Wine
  2. Salt
  3. Paprika
  4. Black Pepper
  5. Oregano
  6. Cayenne
  7. Garlic
  8. Natural Flavors
  9. Lactic Acid Starter Culture

All told, these simple ingredients come from a long history of chorizo making. The family recipe that has been made in simple kitchens and passed down for generations is now available to you. Order our chorizo today for an authentic taste of Léon Spain!


Chorizo Made with All Natural Ingredients

Our goal has been to provide authentic, all-natural, clean-label chorizo, with no artificial flavors, colors, preservatives nor added sugar. Using just pork and nine ingredients you can pronounce, we're proud of our recipe.

Gluten Free Chorizo

This is a chorizo that is created from a centuries-old recipe directly rooted in the ancestral home of chorizo - León, Spain. We want that heritage to be accessible to every chorizo lover.

No Nitrates and No Nitrites

Given both the popularity and demand for high-quality artisanal charcuterie, we make our chorizo without preservatives, and authentic to the dry-cured process, perfect for the creative meats market.


Authentic Spanish Chorizo Recipe

Three Sisters Chorizo is the most authentic recipe on the market.

Made with just pork and 9 ingredients, our recipe comes from the hills of León and has been passed down for generations. This is more than just a recipe for chorizo, it is centuries of tradition and culture that have sustained families like through the cold Northern winters and long days of summer harvest.

Heritage of Spanish Chorizo

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Spanish chorizo on wood charcuterie board
Professional chef cutting bright red spanish chorizo

Chorizo has been made in Spain for hundreds of years with a variety of different recipes, all of which have one main commonality - pimentón, the fiery red pepper from the province of Extremadura that gives Spanish chorizo its distinctive color, smell and most importantly, taste.

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