A taste of Spain, made in America.

Chorizo has been made in Spain for hundreds of years with a variety of different recipes, all of which have one main commonality - pimentón, the fiery red pepper from the province of Extremadura that gives Spanish chorizo its distinctive color, smell and most importantly, taste. What sets Three Sisters chorizo apart from any currently made and sold in the U.S. is we have the most authentic recipe on the market - a recipe that comes from the hills of León and has been passed down in my family for generations. This is more than just a recipe for chorizo, it is centuries of tradition and culture that have sustained families like mine through the cold Northern winters and long days of summer harvest. 

Making and curing meats, whether pork or beef, is as much part of the landscape of Castilla and León as the cathedrals, castles and small villages that dot the landscape. My family on both sides are from those villages. I was born and raised in California and making chorizo in the winter with my parents was a way that I could stay connected to Spain through this artisanal skill. It was a time when my parents would share and reminisce about their youth in their villages, what life was like for my grandparents and what it was like to grow up in a large family.  These traditions and stories are what make us unique at Three Sisters.  We are authentically Spanish but made in America. This chorizo is a way to honor and pay respect to my family and its culture.

We make traditional Spanish-style dry cured chorizo using our multigenerational family recipe, using only 100% sustainably raised pork and nine all-natural ingredients, with no artificial preservatives, flavors or colors and zero sugar.  Our chorizo is a clean-label, USDA approved product, using the highest-quality craftsmanship to make a uniquely delicious and versatile product that can be used in any meal and incorporated into a variety of dishes.

The name Three Sisters is a homage to my parents.  It was name of the first ranch my father worked on when he came to California in 1972, and for my mother who is one of three sisters.

There's a lot that has gone into creating Three Sisters and that is why we are so proud to share it.  The same quality and attention to detail my family put into their chorizo we put into ours.  We hope you come to enjoy our chorizo as much as we do.

Muchisimas gracias y buen provecho!