Chorizo Lunch Sandwiches

Chorizo Lunch Sandwiches

Quick and easy chorizo sandwich bursting with flavor. Perfect for a tasty, Spanish-inspired lunch!

At lunch, we recommend making a chorizo, tomato and olive oil sandwich. This is an adaptation of a Catalonian almuerzo staple - take a fresh baguette, some sliced chorizo and tomato and drizzle with olive oil.


What kind of chorizo to use?

Obviously, 3 Sisters Artisanal Spanish-style Chorizo! For the easiest sandwich prep, use our 3oz Sliced Dry Cured Chorizo as it comes sliced and ready for use. We keep our slices thin, so if you like a thicker slice of chorizo and prefer to cut your own, use our 6oz Dry Cured Chorizo Link. A good, diagonal cut makes for the best slices.

What Bread to Use with a Chorizo Sandwich?

Traditionally, a chorizo sandwich is made on a fresh baguette. Normal bread or sandwich rolls don't cope with the oily chorizo, or heat from the ingredients well. A baguette that has more air pockets and richer flavor complement the chorizo best.

What Toppings to Use on a Chorizo Sandwich?

The most authentic chorizo sandwich will be topped with fresh tomato slices and your favorite olive oil. A small drizzle of a flavored olive oil will keep your chorizo sandwich fresh every lunchtime meal!

Layer on Some Light Cheese.

For a heartier, creamier sandwich, add a cheese to compliment the powerful flavors of the chorizo. A few slices of fresh mozzarella melted onto the chorizo before adding the fresh tomatoes will compliment the smokey flavor of the chorizo.

Freshen it Up!

With a sandwich as hearty as a chorizo sandwich, you may want to freshen it up with some fresh greens! We recommend using an earthy arugula that pairs with both the chorizo and olive oil. For one extra layer of freshness, use some green pesto to lighten the sandwich a bit more!


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